First Impressions: EDUKids St Thomas Childcare Centre

A view of the St Thomas EDUKids location from St Thomas StreetBefore touring St Thomas EDUKids, I always felt as if I had known the centre by association. Talk to enough Brooklin moms (or join their Facebook group!) and you’ll begin to notice a trend. The moms that have sent their kids to St Thomas have only the best things to say about this centre and their staff.

At first glance, this facility feels a lot like an elementary school, more so than a centre. St Thomas is located in the basement of the church that you see from the street, but it doesn’t feel anything like one when you step inside. It’s a large facility with more than six classrooms built next to multiple windows to ensure that each room has plenty of natural light. From the moment you enter through bright entrance way from the car park, you’re greeted by the bulletin boards filled with helpful information for parents and a centralized admin office from which the supervisor works from, similar to what I remember finding at the office in an elementary school.

Now that I’m more familiar with what to expect on a tour, I look for signs that the staff working in a centre enjoy what they do. Staff relationships do have an effect on the learning environment, so I look for clues in how staff act in front of the person giving the tour (usually their boss!). At St Thomas, I stopped by multiple classrooms and chatted with the staff about their interests and their day. They spoke freely and there was lots of smiles and laughs. Seeing staff so relaxed and happy gave me insight into the rave reviews for this centre and in particular, why so many reviews praise the supervisor here. It’s obvious that both staff and parents enjoy the atmosphere she’s created here.

  • Registration fee is $25.
  • The full time infant rate is $255 per week.
  • The full time toddler rate is $215  per week.
  • Upon registration, one week’s deposit is required.
  • Centre is open from 6.30am to 6.30pm, daily.
  • Accepting children from 6 weeks and up.
  • St Thomas Childcare is a Christian centre, meaning that “grace” is said at meals and Christian holidays are celebrated.