Save on pre-loved baby items at the Brooklin Mom Sale

There is something for everyone at this weekend’s Brooklin Mom Sale. If you’re a mom that knows how to shop well, you’ll know that these type of Mom to Mom Sale events can be a great opportunity to save money on clothes and especially toys. For the mom who is looking for an inexpensive way to get out of the house with your little one, this event also has a play area provided by Discovery Toys Brooklin, and fresh coffee made on site. Honestly, what more could a mom need?

The flyer for the 2015 Brooklin Mom Sale

In my experience of attending Mom to Mom sales – the prices can be very, very good and many vendors at the Mom Tables are open to negotiating if that’s your kind of thing. Clothing and toys for babies under the age of four months are typically in the best condition and this is where you can really save. For anything past this age group, I’ve found it harder to find clothing that I like that is in great condition and a great price. It’s not impossible – but, it will require some organization to arrive early to get first pick at the good stuff. Regardless of age group, the toys sold at these sales can save you a ton of money. For babies under the age of 12 months, the toys aren’t likely to be damaged so the most you would have to do is clean whatever you buy (rather than repair). Plastic toys and equipment such as activity tables, Exersaucers, walkers and plastic blocks are the best items to look for because they can be cleaned easily.

The Brooklin Mom Sale begins this Saturday, January 24th, at 10am. The event will be held at Sinclair Secondary School (380 Taunton Road East, Whitby).

Cost: Admission is free.


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What to do with baby’s old clothes: Garage Sale

What it is:  If you’re not familiar with one already, a garage sale (also known as a yard sale, rummage sale or junk sale) is an informal sale usually held in the front yard, driveway or garage of your own property on a weekend.

Photos of a yard sale sign and a table set up in a front yard selling various items

How it works: The key to a good garage sale is preparation. Once you’ve got a collection of goods that you want to sell (in addition to your baby clothes), decide on a day and time that best suits you to hold the sale. As a recommendation, early Saturday morning is best. Short and sweet is best, no longer than 3 hours or so, for example, 9am-12pm. The trickiest part is advertising your sale to reach the most amount of people. These are a few of your options:

Pros:  You don’t have to travel somewhere to set up your stuff. If you’re not using your garage to park your car during the week, you could have your stuff set up in there ahead of time to avoid setting up on the day. You get to be in charge of scheduling – you choose the day and time that best suits you.

Cons: Being limited to your garage for three hours (or more) at a time. Depending on your thoughts on privacy, you may not be comfortable with strangers visiting your property. Being reliant on weather to get a good turnout of people.

Value Potential: 2 out of 3. You get to be in control of how much time you invest in this and in comparison with waiting for your stuff to be sold online, it’s a nice option if you want to try and get rid of your stuff all in one shot. The money you can potentially get for the clothes is medium-high if you find the right buyer, but it can be hard to find this person unless you advertise your sale well.

Cost: The costs to hold a garage sale are minimal. At most you will have to pay for the materials to make your own signs (approx $2 for cardboard) or to buy ready made garage sale signs (approx $7 per sign)


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What to do with baby’s old clothes: Facebook Buy, Sell and Swap groups

What it is: There are multiple groups in the Durham area that have been created solely for parents that are looking to buy, sell and swap items that they no longer need. Items range from household items to furniture to baby clothes.

How it works: Locate and join the relevant Facebook groups and familiarize yourself with the rules for each group. Each group will have their own rules for how to post your listing so be sure to check this out too. Once you are satisfied with the photos that you have taken for your listing, upload the photos to a post within the group and include any information that you find relevant for potential buyers. Sizing, clothing condition, brand and asking price are all important to buyers.

Sample Baby Outfit Listing in the Facebook Buy Sell and Swap groups

As a general guide most Facebook listings will look something like this

Below is a list of all the Facebook classified groups for the Durham region:

Pros: You’re able to manage all interactions with buyers through Facebook. This is handy if you have the Facebook app installed on your phone so you can respond to any questions wherever you are. Interacting with someone else over Facebook is also great for security – being able to see someone else’s photo and profile helps screen sellers to make sure that they are legit.

Cons: The number of notifications you receive might bother you, selling through your account may be uncomfortable for those of you that like privacy, any posts you make on the group timeline will get pushed down (out of view) by other people in the group that post.

Value Potential: 2 out of 3. Time is an investment here. You may have to interact with multiple potential buyers asking questions about your items, also consider how much time you have to meet up with buyers to check out whatever you sell. The money you can potentially get for the clothes is high (compared to what you’d get in consignment or resale stores) if you find the right buyer, but it may take time to find this person.

Cost: Listing within these groups is free.