Leave the house for playtime at The Clubhouse Uxbridge

After two long days of Christmas celebrations spent indoors with family, I’m feeling more relaxed than usual. I always thought that holidays could be stressful with a baby, but I’ve found it quite the opposite. Friends and family loved playing with baby, giving me time to do special things like; eat with cutlery, drink a hot cup of coffee and take a long shower. The past few days have been quite the treat!

The baby area at The Clubhouse Uxbridge

The baby area at The Clubhouse Uxbridge

From now until New Years Eve, I’ll be on my own in keeping my little one entertained indoors. To help ease with the transition back into our usual routine, an indoor play place seems like the best place to start for interaction with other babies and moms in the area.

One of the indoor play spaces in Durham that will be open between now and New Years Eve is The Clubhouse Uxbridge. Their place centre will be open from 9am-12pm today, December 27th, and various other times in the next few days right up to (and including) New Years Eve day.

Cost: Babies 12 months and under are $3.50 each. Parents visit free.


pic via facebook.com