First Impressions: Perry House

Centre becomes somewhat of a misleading term after touring here and realising it’s more of a campus – Perry House is made up of three converted homes on Perry Street and a collection of outdoor spaces behind each of the buildings. From the street it’s impossible to miss the fleet of Perry House branded buses that transport children from before and after school programs to the centre. It’s something that’s really unlike any other centre I’ve seen in Whitby so far.

A view from the street of the main building at Perry House

Perry House has been in operation for 39 years and is a not for profit organization.

Outdoor play space is made up of the yards behind the three converted homes and what appears to be a few extra pieces of land that they’ve also acquired on the block. Each yard remains separated by the original fences of each property. It seems as though it’s been kept this way for a reason, with each backyard space designed to suit the needs of the different age groups that attend here. As an example, one of the backyards for the older children contains a pool, enclosed by a tall fence for privacy and safety. The grass in the infant/toddler area is limited here as you’ll find in a lot of day cares in downtown Whitby however, this is the first centre I’ve seen with poured rubber surfacing under their toddler play structure.
Once you see the campus in action, you soon get a sense that the easy and relaxed friendship between staff breaks down any of the physical barriers between rooms or play spaces. It reminds me of a friendly neighborhood where everyone knows each other by first name and visits each other often. This is likely due to their low staff turnover – the supervisor at this centre is among three of the staff who have worked at this centre for over 18 years. Perry House’s culture appears to be a second family for staff and children alike.
  • Accepting infants as early as 2 weeks old.
  • Infant and toddler programs only offer full time programs.
  • The rate for children aged 2 weeks to 18 months is $54 per day (or $247 per week).
  • The rate for children aged 18-30 months is $48 per day (or $227 per week).
  • This centre uses an emergent curriculum.
  • All children’s bedding is laundered on site.
  • The toddler program is split into two with a room for Junior Toddlers and one for Senior Toddlers.