First Impressions: Little Orchard Daycare Brooklin

A view of Little Orchard Daycare Brooklin from Baldwin Street

You don’t need a tour to get a glimpse of what makes Little Orchard Daycare so captivating with it’s lush, forest-like garden that overlooks the main street in Brooklin. The large, park-like area out front is used in the summer for it’s soft grass and generous amounts of shade. Out back you’ll find a more traditional asphalt, sandpit and play structure area for children to use on days when the sun is not so strong.

There’s something about this centre that has a storybook feel to it. A big part of it’s charm borrowed from the building, which is a heritage listed property. Then there’s also the staff, who are as kind and warm characters you’d expect to find in a children’s story. The staff I met greeted me without prompting and took an interest in my child as well as me. Upon meeting with supervisor Maria, I warned her that I had a lot of questions and that I might take up too much of her time. She didn’t let me apologize and reassured me that asking questions was important. As a mother herself, she said she understood and was willing to give her time to explain all that she could.

Little Orchard Daycare is a smaller centre, which may be why it felt like it moved at a gentler pace than some of the bigger centres I’ve visited. I’d recommend this centre for families that are looking for the structure of a centre with the feel of a home day care and/or families looking for a facility with lots of green space.

 Accepting children from 15 months and up.
  • Centre is open from 7am-6pm.
  • Full time and part time (3 days) care is available.
  • The daily rate for full time toddlers is $45, part time toddlers is $50.
  • The daily rate for full time preschoolers is $42, part time preschoolers is $46.
  • Your monthly rate will vary, based on the number of days in the month. The rate is calculated using the daily rate multiplied by the number of weekdays in the month (e.g. For February 2016, the daily rate of $45 is multiplied by the 20 week days in the month = $900). This rate also includes tax.
  • Registration is $85.
  • Snacks, meals and music programs are included in the rate.
  • This centre follows the emergent curriculum.

*Post updated on February 24, 2016 to reflect new rates and billing structure for this centre.