Monkey Business Indoor Play Centre [Review]

The entrance to Monkey Business has two signs viewable from the carpark

The entrance to Monkey Business is located behind the plaza found at Dundas and Hopkins in Whitby. It can appear hidden at first, but just look for these signs!

Monkey Business Indoor Play and Party Centre is a must-visit indoor play place on mat leave for every mom in Whitby. It’s not too big that it’s overwhelming, the centre is spotless and the prices are reasonable for all that’s provided.

Monkey Business is best suited for the under 4 crowd as most of their play structures and activities are small, able to handle 1-5 toddlers at a time. This is 100 per cent the reason why I love coming here so much. At other indoor play centres I always end up acting as a bouncer for the toddler area, as I try to put myself  in front of my child as the older kids tear around. Where’s the fun in that? The whole point of taking our little ones to play centres is to give them some variety to their day, hopefully socialize them and also socialize ourselves! Monkey Business is a perfect set up for this, as the space is small enough that you can take a seat (imagine that) throughout the two rooms while you keep an eye on your little one as they play.

This play centre includes:
  • Two hard play structures
  • A motorized, revolving tree swing
  • A foam pit
  • A doll house
  • A magnetic sand play table
  • A small, single child trampoline
Inside Monkey Business Play Centre there is a motorized revolving tree with hanging balls and a foam pit to play

Inside Monkey Business you can find the one play structure that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Durham – their motorized, revolving tree with hanging balls! Another favourite is their foam pit where you can shoot tiny basketballs into the hoops.

I also noticed a thoughtful touch here that leads me to think this business is run by people that are invested in making this a good experience for their guests – tissues are provided in clear view for parents to use. Too often businesses are out to nickel and dime their guests, but here, the focus is on the overall experience. Runny noses and wet hands are something we’re all dealing with for kids in this age group. This small but important detail shows a lot of consideration for all their guests and the cleanliness of the space too.


A menu board is posted on the wall inside Monkey Business, listing items available for sale.

The entrance to Monkey Business is located behind the plaza found at Dundas and Hopkins in Whitby. It can appear hidden at first, but just look for these signs!

Did you know that you’re also able to bring your own food and drink here? Hunger is bound to strike from all the running around. Monkey Business has plenty of room for parents to sit and eat with their children, with two long benches set up with seating on either side. Highchairs are also provided to make visits comfortable for parents. The only rule for bringing in food is that you only bring along items that are nut-free for the safety of other children.

  • $7 per drop in play for crawlers and older.
  • $5 per additional sibling, per drop in play.
  • $50 for a family monthly pass. This pass provides you with a full month of unlimited play for three children.

2 thoughts on “Monkey Business Indoor Play Centre [Review]

  1. Linda says:

    This is awesome, so happy to see a place I can bring my toddler without fearing older children will trample him. And the areas looks fun and stimulating for their brain delevopment. Thank you for the review.


  2. Sahiya says:

    Love this review! And its so true about being a bouncer at other play areas🤣 we love monkey business for the compact clean space for our family ☺️


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