First Impressions: Walnut Street Junior School

The name of the Walnut Street Junior School day care centre always left me stumped. The name, Junior School, wasn’t like anything else I had come across on the many tours that I’ve been on so far, so on my tour at this facility I was determined to get to the bottom of it. After spending much longer than I do on most tours with the supervisor here, I learned that the name “Junior School” is a nod of acknowledgement for the dedication to learning that staff focus on here.

A view from the street of Walnut Street Junior School

Walnut Street Junior School is located in a quiet residential area in downtown Whitby off Brock Street.

The supervisor that I met with has, to date, given me the most comprehensive understanding of the emergent curriculum, it’s philosophy, application and benefits to children. I’ve visited over 12 centres in my work for this series so far, so I really felt as though I had found something special here. All learning (or programming as they refer to it) is documented and displayed in centres using the emergent curriculum, but what I find is that during tours, supervisors treat these details as a footnote rather than a full chapter like they ought to be.

At Walnut Street I spoke with the supervisor about how important explanations like this would be to parents who have an interest in the educational benefits of day care and Tiffany was quick to agree. As a RECE and head trainer for programming for the organization that owns Walnut Street (it’s name is Victoria Village), Tiffany is regularly asked to hold workshops and is passionate about empowering her staff in their roles as educators. She is so well regarded by her organization because of her creative, accessible and friendly approach to education using the ELECT framework (the curriculum in use in child care centres, among other settings) and the emergent curriculum.

To give you a sense of the work involved – RECEs are working with two curriculum documents, plus all the documentation and observation required to ensure that the program is child-led (this is the basis of the emergent curriculum). This centre is actively seeking ways to create more meaningful experiences for both children and parents within these frameworks. An equal amount of consideration and planning goes into ensuring parents have access to classroom observations, program plans and learning outcomes.

My takeaway for you is this – If you are a parent that prioritizes learning as part of your day care experience, contact Walnut Street for a tour. Use this centre as a benchmark to compare against other centres. There’s a wonderful passion for education here that is comparable to what you would find at an elementary school level.

  • Centre opens from 6.30am to 6.30pm.
  • Accepting children 3 months and older.
  • The infant rate is $1174 per month.
  • The toddler rate is $1010 per month.
  • Registration is a one time fee of $85.
  • This centre is located in a quiet residential area, opposite a large park and playground.
  • This location is easy to access off Brock Street, driving south towards the 401 entrance and Whitby GO.

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