First Impressions: Magic Pencils Learning Centre

Magic Pencils Learning Centre Oshawa

Magic Pencils is a large centre that operates on both levels of the building and includes an outdoor yard just off their carpark

Families with shift workers take note – If you’re struggling to find a centre that can cater to your early starts and late nights, Magic Pencils is worth the visit. This centre is open as early as 5.30am and closes as late as 9.30pm for two days out of the week (every other day it’s 8pm). These hours are rare to find in a centre, but very much needed for anyone with commuting long distances or working shifts.

The street front of the facility does not at all reflect what’s inside. Magic Pencils occupies the entire building, including both the upper and lower floor. Inside, the older architecture of the building adds to the charm of each room. I felt a connection with the supervisor immediately as she spoke about how her centre incorporates technology into the preschool program. She spoke with confidence and her depth of knowledge came through with her effortless way of answering my questions. What I appreciated is that while she’s been in the business for some time, she is open to trying new things to keep children engaged and learning.

  • Accepting newborns and older.
  • The weekly rate for infants is $240 weekly (full time only).
  • The weekly rate for toddlers is $225 weekly (part time also available at $46 per day).
  • Registration is $25.
  • Each child has access to two weeks vacation after being with the centre one year. Fees are half the regular price during this time, and this is to hold your child’s spot.
  • This centre is also open Saturday (8.30am-5pm).
  • Dinner is also served here for children staying late, however additional charges apply ($3 per child, per meal).

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