Pack your picnic blanket for the Port Perry Farmers market

A couple strolls past a series of stalls at the Farmers Market; a sign for the market listing operating hours; a photo of vegetables and herbs on display

At the Port Perry Farmers Market you can purchase a variety of goods from local farms and vendors. Stalls sell everything from potatoes to strawberries, rhubarb, carrots, kale, fresh herbs, honey, wine and freshly squeezed lemon juice. I couldn’t resist buying a basket of strawberries after learning they had been freshly picked that morning.

The market overlooks the waterfront location of Palmer Park. If this is your first time visiting this park, know that you’re in for something special. It’s a small park right on the water with a large playground and mature trees. The warmest days this summer are best to join the many families that come here for picnics, enjoy the view and cool off in the breeze.

The Port Perry Farmers Market is held in the Palmer Park carpark (121 Water St, Port Perry) every Saturday from 8am-1pm.

Cost: Free.


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