First Impressions: Brooklin Day Nursery

A view of Brooklin Day Nursery from Church Street

Brooklin Day Nursery is a not-for-profit day care that was founded in 1984.

Brooklin Day Nursery is nestled in the historic part of Brooklin that feels closer to the area’s small town roots. The centre is surrounded by a large swath of green space, one of the largest I’m yet to see on my daycare tours. This, along with the plentiful amount of parking available in this quiet residential street is just one part of the reason the waitlist is so long at this location.

The building reminds me of the portable buildings I had at school when I was younger. Don’t let this turn you off. Once you’re inside, the tall ceilings and windows make the space feel more open and bright than you’d first think. This facility has one of the most spacious change spaces for toddlers and infants in all the centres I’ve toured so far. The generous ceiling height, natural light, plentiful storage space and room to move allow staff to help children with ease.

Tina is all the things you’d want in a Day Care Director – caring and genuinely interested in your child. Upon meeting with her I felt at home. I appreciated that she made an effort to disclose information prior to my tour. She made sure that I was aware of the waitlist and was open about rates. In my opinion, staff are the biggest reason that families choose their day care. If first impressions are anything to go by, the staff at Brooklin Day Nursery are a team that communicates early and often. Great qualities that every parent should be looking for in a child care provider.

  • Accepting children from 1 month and up.
  • The infant program is $250 per week or $50 per day.
  • The toddler program is $215 per week or $43 per day.
  • The program rate includes lunch and two snacks daily
  • Registration is $35.
  • Two weeks deposit is required once your child starts.
  • This centre follows the emergent curriculum.
  • Part time and full time care is available.
  • Centre hours are from 7am to 6pm.

One thought on “First Impressions: Brooklin Day Nursery

  1. Tina Smigielski says:

    Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experiences about Brooklin Day Nursery. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Our centre is a non-profit licensed childcare centre that has been operational in Brooklin since 1984. Please feel free to visit our website at


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