What to do with baby’s old clothes: Mom to Mom Sales

What it is:  A Mom-to-Mom sale is a huge undercover rummage sale held 3-4 times a year by city. Moms bring their gently used items to sell at a pre-designated area within the venue.

Example of a mom to mom sale

How it works: To sell at one of these events, you must register with your local Mom-to-Mom sale organizer for a table for a fee. This is a one-off payment that you make prior to the event when you register. Once this registration fee is paid, all the profit you make from selling your goods on the day is yours!

Pros:  The chance to get your stuff in front of hundreds of moms who are ready, cash in hand, to buy your stuff if they find something that catches their eye. You’re able to get immediate buyer feedback on your items and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. Also, you’re in an undercover area so, you’re not at the mercy of the weather like you would be at a garage sale.

Cons: Sales can be infrequent, so if you’re looking to offload your stuff in a hurry it won’t be your best option. As these sales are held in large, drafty buildings like school gyms, bringing your little ones along is not a good idea. You will need to organize a baby sitter for the duration of the sale which is usually 3-4 hours in total (plus any set up time).

Value Potential: 3 out of 3. If you price your items well, you can make a good return (in comparison with consignment and resale stores) in a short amount of time because of the large number of buyers that attend these type of events. If you buddy up with another mom, there are plenty of savings to be made in renting the space at the event, too.

Cost: The costs to register for your own table at a Mom to Mom sale are low in relation to the number of buyers that you will have access to. Spaces at Mom to Mom sales can vary between $20-40 + hst in Durham. Additional costs include materials to price your items such as stickers ($1-2 at the Dollar Store) and permanent markers ($2 at the Dollar Store).

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