Try a drop-in playgroup in Colombus

The Columbus Playgroup hosts a drop-in program every Friday, where you can bring your little one to play indoors out of the cold. If you’re thinking about daycare options, or even looking to socialize your little one in preparation for daycare, a drop-in option like this is useful. For only $2, your little one can tire themselves out on all the toys, activities and the large gym on site, while you get the chance to chat with other moms in the area.

The Colombus Playgroup Friday Drop-In Program flyer

Cost: $2 per mobile child.

The drop-in program is held every Friday from 9.30-11.30am at the Columbus Community Playgroup located at 3625 Simcoe Street North, Columbus, east of Brooklin and north of Oshawa.  This program is open to members of the public and runs from September 12th – May 29th, 2014 with the exception of all scheduled holidays, Christmas vacation and March break.

pic via Facebook

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