Save time and have baby supplies delivered

As moms, we have to take every shortcut we can get now that we’re so limited on time. There are so many options available to take advantage of the best delivery options for both mom and baby supplies, that you owe it to yourself to try at least once during mat leave. I had everything from diapers to potato chips shipped to my door last winter – at that time it was just too cold and icy for me to confidently leave the house with a newborn.

Packages delivered to a house are left to sit on the front steps

Below is a list of my top three suppliers for the best shipping options, ranked:


Of the three mentioned here, Walmart has the widest range of items for both mom, baby and pantry. What I love most about using their free shipping option is that there is no minimum purchase required. You could easily order a block of chocolate and have that ordered to your house, if you wanted to. I’ve found delivery times to be very reliable and if anything is back-ordered, Walmart is fast to send an email out to notify you.

Cost: $0.


While not all orders on this website are necessarily free, it’s not hard to spend the minimum $25 required to gain access to free shipping. is a young company eager to establish themselves in the online space, so their service is the best among the three options mentioned here. You can expect packages to arrive fast and attentive customer service. has a wide range of items from diapers and wipes to nasal aspirators and Vitamin D drops. What defines this online store over all others is their range of organic / vegan / natural products that are very difficult to find all in one store.

Cost: To access free shipping, there is a $25 minimum for each order. If you’re a new customer, use the coupon code MOTHERHOODSCENE at checkout to receive $10 off a $40 purchase.


The best you can do with is using their unlimited shipping option, Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a program that allows you to have free, two day shipping on *most* of the items sold through their site. This claim is pretty hit and miss. I’ve ordered Amazon Prime eligible goods on their site and they haven’t always arrived on time. So factor that in if delivery speed is important to you. I find Amazon is best for the regular baby supplies like diapers and one-off toy / babyproofing supplies that I realised I needed last minute.

Cost: Minimum $79 per year + tax


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