Sort through your closet while baby naps

No matter what your circumstances, bodies change after baby. Our lifestyles undergo a complete overhaul and our bodies are in a constant state of flux for a long time. Depending on your attitude towards clothes shopping , this can either be a blessing or a curse!

A woman sits on a couch among clothes piled up high around her

So while your body is still working things out, it’s a good time to make some sense of the mountain or pile of clothes that has been building in your wardrobe (or in my case, my floor). Below are a few questions to ask yourself while sorting through months of different sized clothing:

  • Does this item still reflect my current style?
  • If I was pregnant again, would I enjoy wearing this piece?
  • Is this item in good condition to wear again?
  • Is this item comfortable/durable enough to withstand caring for baby and my new lifestyle?
  • Is this item still flattering on my body?

What comes next is completely up to you. I have stored a lot of my maternity stuff in the basement in case I ever need it, while a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes – that I thought I missed – were donated or given to someone else.

If you have any designer label items you no longer want, consider making some money at a local consignment store, otherwise clothes can be donated at places like The Salvation Army, Herizon House Women’s Shelter or Goodwill.


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