Learn how to soothe baby with massage

I’ve discovered a great program for new moms that’s free, will get you out of the house, meeting new moms and learning a new skill to help you soothe your baby. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon the holy grail of activities for moms in the Durham region with this one.

If you haven’t heard of this great little idea known as Infant Massage, it has all the benefits for baby that you would experience yourself from having a massage, with the added benefits of bonding time with your little one. The benefits are just too numerous to mention.

A baby receives a chest massage

Infant Massage will be held at the Ajax Main Library, 55 Harwood Avenue South and runs from October 2nd-30th, every Thursday from 1.30-3pm. Registration is now open for this program through the Ajax OEYC (Ontario Early Years Centre). Register in person at the Ajax OEYC located at 75 Centennial Road South or call 905-619-4565, extension 310 to reserve your spot.

Cost: This is the best part. Classes are free!

For more information, visit the Ajax Library website for details.


pic via ohbaby.co.nz

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