Catch a movie session specially for moms at Cineplex

This one is for the movie buff moms that want to catch up on the latest films in a baby-friendly environment. I can’t get enough of this setup, because there really is no excuse not to give it a try. The movie theatre is set up with dimmed lighting, lowered volume with change tables available and best of all, you’re surrounded by other moms who completely understand if your little one gets restless.

The view from the inside of a movie theatre

The Cineplex website has a full list of participating theatres and movie session times. From a quick search of cinemas near me, Cineplex in Ajax and Oshawa are participating, with movies playing at 1pm on Thursdays.

Cost: The cost per movie is $2 off general admission when you bring a baby or child under 2 years of age with you. Keep in mind, this price is only available if you purchase your ticket at the box office.

For more information about these movie sessions visit the Cineplex Stars and Strollers page linked here.

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