Welcome to The Motherhood Scene.

A woman stands behind her stroller, while using her phone


This blog has been created as a go-to, community guide for many of you also going through what I experienced during mat leave – a huge change in lifestyle while learning how to be a mom. After making it to 11 months of mat leave with my baby, I’ve learned that participating in your community and talking to other moms is key to enjoying mat leave.

No one else can relate better to the highs and lows, the overwhelming sense of responsibility and sometimes even the isolation that being a new mom can bring. It can be hard to find mommy friends, especially if you’re new to your area, without a car, far from family or even a little shy. The best first step is to get involved in family-friendly activities and take advantage of helpful local resources, and then things tend to happen from there.

I’ve named this blog “The Motherhood Scene” to describe this family-oriented culture within my city that I’ve begun to tap into. Here, I’ll be sharing what I discover families are doing and all the fun activities that I find for moms living in the Durham area from Whitby, Brooklin, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, and Bowmanville.



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